Why We’re Removing AMG From Our Provider Network

At BlueCross, our members – you – are our first responsibility. Our focus each day is on making sure you have access to high-quality in-network care and doing everything we can to keep the cost of that care as affordable as possible.

We continuously work to balance the quality, choice and costs of care within our networks because these factors directly impact the affordability of the products we can offer our customers. We seek to minimize network changes and make them only when circumstances warrant.

We have been negotiating with Anesthesia Medical Group (AMG) since 2017 to reach agreement on a rate that’s both fair to them and affordable for our employer groups and members. After a year of negotiation, we have been unable to reach agreement with AMG, even though we were able to reach agreement with other anesthesiology providers in Tennessee. So we have notified AMG of our intent to terminate them from our commercial networks if we are unable to reach agreement by Aug. 31.

This change will not impact members with Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement or BlueCare Tennessee plans.

We know that, unless we draw the line on the cost of medical services, our members will be the ones who suffer. We are committed to coordinating care for our members and will work with impacted facilities, including Saint Thomas and HCA hospitals, to help ensure our members have in-network anesthesiology providers to support their care.

If BlueCross members have a true emergency, they should go to the closest facility of their choice, including any facility served by AMG. We will advocate on behalf of members who are billed incorrectly or inappropriately as a result of this change.