Anesthesia Medical Group Providers Leaving Blue Networks Sept. 1, 2018

We work to give our members access to high-quality, affordable care. We rely on our hospital and doctor networks to deliver on this promise.

While we prefer not to make changes to our networks, sometimes it becomes necessary. For over a year, we’ve been negotiating with Anesthesia Medical Group (AMG) to reach a rate that’s both fair to them and affordable to our employer groups and members. We’ve been able to reach an agreement on reasonable rates with every other anesthesia group in Middle Tennessee.

Unfortunately, AMG continues to charge higher rates than any other group of anesthesia providers in Tennessee, and we’ve been unable to reach an agreement. This means AMG will leave our commercial networks on Sept. 1, 2018. Please click here for a list of Blue Network ESM, Blue Network SSM and Blue Network PSM facilities where AMG providers practice.

Please note that, even though AMG is leaving our networks, these facilities are not. Our members can still go to these facilities for other kinds of care at their usual in-network rates.


What’s Next?

If you get care from an AMG provider at one of these facilities through Aug. 31, 2018, we’ll pay for your care at in-network rates, and they’ll get in-network benefits.

On and after Sept. 1:

  • In an emergency, members should go to the closest emergency room.
  • But if they get non-emergency care from an AMG provider at one of the above facilities, they’ll have to pay more out of their own pocket. This difference could be quite large.

We’re encouraging members who want help finding a different facility in their network to call us at the number on the back of their Member ID card.